New paper on colloidal synthesis of PdAu alloy nanoparticles for hydrogen sensing

Find out more about our latest collaborative effort with the Moth-Poulsen Group at Chalmers about the colloidal synthesis of PdAu alloy nanoparticles in our latest paper in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces here.

Check out our latest work on hydrogen sorption kinetics and compensation effects in Nature Communications!

In this work, we demonstrate using single particle experiments that hydrogen sorption induces significant grain growth in polycrystalline Pd nanoparticles and that this grain growth constitutes the physical origin of the also observed compensation effect between kinetic parameters. Furthermore, the grain growth considerably slows sorption kinetics, which establishes grain engineering as a new parameter for the design of ultrafast hydrogen sensors. Read the paper at:  DOI:10.1038/s41467-021-25660-x.

3D-printed hydrogen sensors, anyone? Check out our latest work in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces!

The imminent large-scale implementation of hydrogen energy technologies requires efficient sensors for hydrogen safety and process monitoring. In our latest work on the topic, we present a teflon-based nanocomposite material that enables the 3D printing of optical hydrogen sensors. Read more here: DOI:10.1021/acsami.1c01968

Paper in ACS Catalysis!

The study “Shedding Light on CO Oxidation Surface Chemistry on Single Pt Catalyst Nanoparticles Inside a Nanofluidic Model Pore” by Albinsson et al. has been published in ACS Catalysis. Read the paper here.

Interested in nanofluidics and plasmonic biosensors? Read our article in ACS Sensors!

Read more about the benefits of combining single nanoparticle plasmonic sensing with nanofluidics in our new article by Špačková et al., which was just published in ACS Sensors. Link.

New Nano Letter!

Check out our latest Nano Letter on “Plasmonic Temperature-Programmed Desorption” by Murphy et al.! Read it here.

Check out our Perspectives on hydrogen sensors just published in ACS Sensors!

Our invited Perspectives article entitled “High-Performance Nanostructured Palladium-Based Hydrogen Sensors – Current Limitations and Strategies for Their Mitigation” has today been published in ACS Sensors. Read it here – it is all open access!

Sara Nilsson presents at the Science Festival!

Sara presented and discussed her TEM image named “The heart of a nanoparticle” at the Swedish Science Festival. Watch the presentation/interview with Sara here (in Swedish).



Welcome Ishara Fernando!

We welcome Dr. Ishara Fernando as a Post Doc in the framework of the Mistra Environmental Nanoscience research programme. Ishara has a Ph.D. from Nanyang Technical University in Singapore.

Publication in Nature Communications

Our work entitled “Copper Catalysis at Operando Conditions—Bridging the Gap between Single Nanoparticle Probing and Catalyst-Bed-Averaging” has today been published in Nature Communications. Read the paper here!