Featured as HOT article in Energy and Environmental Science.

Our paper “Diffusion and adsorption of dye molecules in mesoporous TiO2 photoelectrodes studied by indirect nanoplasmonic sensing” published in Energy and Environmental Science was selected by the reviewers as a HOT paper on September 16th and featured on the RSC blog. Read more.

Contributed talk at the Trends in Nanotechnology Conference in Seville, Spain.

Carl Wadell will present a talk entitled “Absorption engineering in stacked Au-SiO2-Pd nanostructures”. More info at: http://www.tntconf.org/2013/index.php?conf=13

New paper in Energy and Environmental Science

The paper “Diffusion and Adsorption of Dye Molecules in Mesoporous TiO2 Photoelectrodes Studied by Indirect Nanoplasmonic Sensing ” in collaboration with Prof. Michël Grätzel at EPFL in Lausanne was published in  Energy and Environmental Science.

DOI: 10.1039/C3EE42352B

New paper in The Journal of The Electrochemical Society

The paper “Nanoplasmonic Sensing for Monitoring the Initial Stages of Atmospheric Corrosion of Cu Nanodisks and Thin Films” in collaboration with Prof. Christofer Leygraf at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm was published in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society.

DOI:  10.1149/2.051310jes

New paper published in Langmuir

Our paper “Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Investigations of Photoswitching in Azobenzene-Functionalized Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au” in collaboration with Prof. Olaf Magnussen at the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel was published in Langmuir.

DOI: 10.1021/la401825f

Contributed talk at the Summer School on Plasmonics #3 in Cargèse, France

Svetlana will present her talk entitled “A Versatile Nanofabrication Strategy for Optical Nanoantenna-based in situ Spectroscopy of Single Functional Nanoparticles”. It is her first oral conference contribution – CONGRATULATIONS!

More info at: http://www.fresnel.fr/ssop3/

Invited talk at GRC Hydrogen Interactions in Energy Storage

Christoph gives an invited talk at the GRC “Hydrogen Interactions in Energy Storage” in Lucca, Italy. The talk has the title “Seeing at the Nanoscale – Localized Plasmons as Nanoscopic Probes of Hydrogen-Metal Interactions”. For more info about the conference visit the following link.

Invited paper in MRS Bulletin

The hydrogen sensing research carried out at Langhammer Lab is featured in a joint invited paper in the June issue of the MRS Bulletin “Metal hydrides for clean energy applications”. The co-authors are Prof. Bernard Dam (TU Delft, Netherlands) and Prof. Kazuki Yoshimura (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan).

DOI: 10.1557/mrs.2013.129