To disseminate our work to stakeholders in the scientific community as well as the society is an important part of our mission. Therefore, to reach a wide scientific audience, we aim at publications in high impact scientific journals and the regular participation at high quality international research conferences. As co-founder and member of the steering committee of the Chalmers Solar web-based disseminating platform for solar energy related research Chalmers Solar. Christoph has also helped create an attractive channel to disseminate our work to scientists in related areas nationally and internationally.

To reach a wider audience of stakeholders of the society and (scientific) policy makers we will also make use of publishing in open access science-disseminating portals such as Research Media/International Innovation and Science Omega Review Europe where we have published recently for the dissemination of ongoing work:

Langhammer C. Materials challenges: the nanoscience of renewables. Science Omega Review Europe 02, June 2013. Full text

Langhammer C. Probing individual functional nanoantennas with optical nanoantenas. Science Omega Review Europe 02, June 2013. Full text

Langhammer C. Nanoplasmonics. International Innovation – Euro Focus, March 2013. Full text

A third very important dissemination channel for us is our teaching activities where the state-of-the-art of our research and related areas is communicated to future engineers.

Finally, the group’s direct environment at Applied Physics at Chalmers has a long tradition of spinning out high-tech companies such as Q-Sense AB (now Biolin Scientific), Layerlab AB, and our own Insplorion AB. It is therefore a prime example for an environment, where interaction with and transfer of research results to society via spin-off companies is successfully practiced.