TIF180 Entrepreneurship and Project Management

TIF120 is a 7.5 HP master level course, examined by Prof. Fredrik Höök and Christoph Langhammer

Course goal
The aim of the course is to present the entrepreneurship and project management as the knowledge of relevance in the development of commercial products and services. As a student, you will increase their understanding of the innovation transfer, in particular the patenting process, your ability to find information in patent databases and get knowledge about how patents are written and evaluated. As a student, you will be trained in the art of transferring the potential value and impact of the innovation to the working business or how to present innovations for the society. As a student, you will also get familiarized with the concepts of project management in order to understand how professional project managers work. The course also aims to help students to understand the prevailing challenges of project management, and to deal with them, by means of the theories of organizational learning.