TIF181 Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

TIF120 is a 7.5 HP master level course, examined by Prof. Fredrik Höök and Christoph Langhammer

Course goal
The aim of the course is to present and discuss the important interplay between scientific innovation, communication, entrepreneurship and project management for the development of innovative products and processes that create impact in society. Specifically, you will get acquainted with invention identification and strategies to transfer innovation to the society, and with the patent writing and evaluation process. You will also train your abilities to find information in patent and scientific literature databases. Furthermore, you will discuss the art of transferring the potential value of an invention into a working business on the basis of recent real examples and of your own project work. Finally, you will get familiarized with key concepts of project management, and apply them in your project works, in which you also train your abilities to communicate innovations to different stakeholders in society.